Sunday, 27 August 2017


I can't see anyone else saying it, so as usual, I will.

We apparently live in a world where two men can do an hour's work - in this instance beating the shIt out of one another - and earn in the region of $100 million each.

Far from being merely 'OK with that', most people seem to be applauding it. We should be up-in-arms, but supposed 'love of sport' distracts from something that otherwise is deeply abhorrent.

Try explaining to a parent whose child may die because they can't afford the medical bills, that one guy who hits things for a living deserves to have every luxury this world can afford many times over - enough to provide free schools and hospitals if he so wanted - while their child suffers, left to die.

Try explaining to the family thrown out on the street because they can't afford rent, that a frickin' boxer deserves more riches than most people will ever see if they lived ten lifetimes, and that his right to that wealth takes priority over theirs simply to have a roof above them. Try telling those wittering their lives away on minimum wage and using food-banks etc that ANY man or woman on this planet should have so much, while they and their families deserve so little.

In a nutshell, this is why I believe in socialism. Market capitalism has become obscene, an ugly and bloated beast.

If you look down the road... really look, it seems obvious to me that 'little people' will only tolerate this so far. Revolution always comes when those at the top are too greedy. Whether they're monarchs, generals, aristocracy, clergy, presidents, landowners, tycoons or corporations - they are all variants of the same. 'Feudal overlords'.

There's only two ways this can end. Either 'little people' will somehow reclaim democratic society and restore a sense of propriety and balance, or those at the top who control the purse-strings will, at some stage, go to obscene lengths to control the masses and preserve their monopoly. It's like a mathematical equation that simply has to eventually balance out.

However that takes shape, it won't be pretty.

But hey, I do hope everyone enjoyed the guys smacking one another. 😁


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