Thursday, 20 July 2017


Both the Left AND Right are presently going nuts over the 'scandal' of the BBC's top paid talent. It's a witch-hunt, and it concerns me.

I agree the salaries are grotesque. Most of them could earn under half or even a quarter of what they do, and still live more comfortably than most people ever will. It is very unjust, I don't dispute it in the slightest. But you cannot blame people working at the top of their field for accepting the generous salaries offered to them - that too is ridiculous.

Such blind opposition to the notion of enterprise, and apparent 'sour grapes' that some people earn good salaries is ultimately what so many distrust about left-wing politics. Those who might seem to want 'everyone to be poor'. Make no mistake, that is where and how fears of Communism take root among middle-class and high earning people; it's exactly why that slice of the electorate are so bitterly opposed. And perhaps not entirely without reason. The answer - as always in my opinion - lies in finding an equitable middle ground.

As for the Right moaning about it - ha. They can bugger off. Led by the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre, moguls with vast financial empires, the Right stands for people and corporations who make these salaries seem like chub change. Not to mention establishment politics that enslave the poor and vulnerable. As ever, they have no moral authority, in any respect.

As Newsthump suggest, DON'T be distracted. Know your enemy. These guys'n'gals at the BBC are not the enemy - they're just people working at the top of their field trying to make the best of life, like the rest of us. They're certainly not the ones taking money AWAY from other people, or making the decisions that make everyday lives impossible. That is all the Tory government. (Not to mention most MPs earn these sums too - topped up by ridiculously well paid work they do over and above their MP salaries.)

The real story, which even the left-leaning Mirror demoted to the top-right of their front page, is that the Tories just casually ruled millions and millions of British citizens must now toil and languish in servitude for yet another year of their lives. Now, people will have to be nearly 70 years old before they can feasibly start to take it easy in the twilight of their days. 'Work work work'. And guess what? Millions of those same people will die in that additional year. They'll have worked their lives for pensions they never even survived to receive. Who reaps that benefit? Where does that cash go? We all know the answer, it's government coffers. So they can give themselves pay-rises. It's appalling.

But by all means, do have a go and focus on a handful of high-earning people who simply entertain us.

You don't burn down an entire house because big parts of it desperately need renovation. While the BBC news departments admittedly ARE in the pockets of their Tory bosses (an issue requiring redress), the institution itself is a marvellous thing that we should all be proud of. It's simply been stained, like much else in our country.

The BBC certainly continue to provide a platform for culture/drama/comedy for millions... you know, that 'little' stuff that makes life vaguely liveable. As someone who was brought up and works in the Arts, I could never hate the BBC, or wish them away. 

I fear for the day the BBC dies. What replaces it will be even worse, and more on par with something far more insidious. Like Fox News.