Friday, 18 August 2017


The majority of the 9/11 attackers (allegedly) came from Saudi Arabia.

Saudia Arabia are not an 'enemy', but an ALLY of the west. And despite outcry, both the US and UK categorically refuse to give up that alliance. That in itself raises questions. Big ones. But whatever you do or don't believe about the tragic events of that day, the simple fact is, there's simply never been any attack in history shrouded in so much confusion and controversy, with so many 'official' details that don't add up - ever.

After fifteen plus years of ongoing pain and anger for the victims' friends and families, fifteen years of 'conspiracy theories' and explanations that simply refuse to go away, finally a UK government report was demanded into the potential involvement of our 'ally', Saudi Arabia. Finally, some of the speculation could perhaps have been put to bed. But after years and yeeeears of compilation, Theresa May has categorically refused to allow the British public to know the contents of that report. Not once, but twice now.

Rationalise that how you will, but to my sensibilities, that means there's something in it she doesn't want Joe Public to know. That sounds obvious perhaps, but WHY would May not want us to know? I'll tell you. Because if the Saudi government were involved, that means one of two things - there are literally no other alternatives. Either 1) our 'ally' betrayed us and were involved with the most horrific crime on western soil in history, but we bizarrely/suspiciously remain allied to them any way, or 2) they acted as a faithful ally, working in coordination.

Let's face it, neither option is great.

What if the Saudis weren't involved, I hear you cry. Fair question. Then why on earth would May suppress that? Surely anything to make her distasteful alliance more palatable for the public would be a positive thing; a boon to be wheeled out in her favour? Again, it just doesn't add up.

Yes, many might argue I'm ignoring countless variables here, that the report may contain sensitive information not relating to the issue, which can't be revealed. All manner of explanations are 'possible', that is true. But generally, if an animal has four legs, a tail, and barks, the likelihood is it's a dog. It's not somehow more rational to assume it's a sabre-tooth tiger.

Until some actual explanations are forthcoming, the suspicion and controversy will continue. Bottom line? Whatever is contained in that report, and whatever is or isn't true (I've given up trying to make sense of it all), this shady behaviour by our government only gives weight to the supposed 'conspiracies'. Quite literally the very furthest thing from disbanding them.

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