Monday, 14 August 2017


If ever a photograph captured the tragedy that is America today, it's this one.

An Afro-American police officer in Charlottesville stands guard, protecting the rights of white American supremacists. One of whom is doing a Nazi salute. Another carries a sign stating Jews are 'Satan's children'.

All the officer can do is stare at the ground. He's just trying to 'get on with it' and do his job. But sunglasses cannot hide his despair.

This heroic man symbolises the world for many of us at present.

Forced to stand idly by, powerless, trying to 'get on with it' - all the while acutely aware that genuine evil is quite literally rising up around us. Fearful for our families and our future, fearful for innocent people we don't even know, and fearful of what might happen if we dare to shout back too loudly.

He refused to denounce them. The President of the United States actually had to be told to condemn Nazis and white supremacists. The same odious neanderthals who used to hide behind white hoods and burn crosses, now walk down the street proudly waving Swastika flags, wearing President Trump baseball caps and t-shirts.

Trump made a point of placing blame on both sides. Yes, the liberals were apparently to blame too - simply for standing up to unapologetic fascists, and for being in the way of that car. His words were nothing short of chilling

Perhaps more scary is that in his mind, small as it is, Trump probably thought he was being 'fair'.

We're not quite there yet in Britain, but we're on the same page.

(Instead, our Nazis chant 'Brexit.')

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