Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I'm gonna air a question that is incredibly difficult, and risky, to discuss - but I think someone should. (Please don't judge me a loon.)

Part of me wonders whether Trump actually would be a better option than Clinton. I simply pose the question.

I do not say this out of any notion whatsoever of approval, agreement, or belief in his policies. At all. He is a f**king monster. However, it is also my sincere belief that America have been offered two monsters: one of them is simply better and more practised with deceit and subversion.

Anyone who's followed me will know I was predicting literally years ago that Hillary Clinton would be the next US president; and that all else around it was virtually distraction. That's because I believe she IS the establishment. She IS the existing system that's brought the world to where it is, and these people don't make a single move without thinking at least ten ahead. No-one in this world knows better how to manipulate the little people than the existing powers-that-be, make no mistake.

Here is a woman who in the last few days, before even becoming president, has vowed to remove Assad from Syria at all costs. Even since the UK became actively involved, Russia has joined the fray - firmly defending their ally (which is why the focus has shifted to ISIS). If the new US president insists on pursuing this meddling with the Syrian government, an active ally of Russia, she will very possibly be forcing us all into World War III. Seriously. And if you think it's far fetched, you might want to read into NATO's manoeuvres recently in Poland, a little operation called "Anakonda".

Would Trump's presidency be a cataclysmic disaster? Yes, most likely. If he did half of what he's mouthed off, would it be traumatic, and make life incredibly difficult for some (as it questionably has with the Brexit vote, but probably worse)? Undoubtedly. It's an utterly deplorable and terrifying proposition.

But as terrifying as World War III? I'm not entirely convinced. Whereas one of Trump's supposed "things" is he's had enough of the US meddling abroad, even cites admiration and "respect" for Putin. If that avoids mankind stumbling into an even worse disaster, is his idiocy worth the cost? Or will it just lead to war with someone else, or a complete breakdown of relations with the Islamic world? Is a calculating maniac better than one with the temperament of a toddler? I really don't know any more. It's like choosing whether to be battered to death with a kitchen iron, or a mallet.

As if these arguments alone were not worthy of consideration, Hillary Clinton has a whole heap of skeletons in her closet, and far darker ones than even "the Donald". Which aside from political scandals, and seemingly paltry issues concerning emails, include things like what's addressed in this video.

A video which made my jaw "hit the deck".

I admit, the footage is a bit wannabe "cinematic", and has the flavour of a bulls**t conspiracy video. I have not had time to fully fact-check every account, or to confirm all of the accusations made, so I'll reserve some judgement. But it provoked a reaction. Enough to make me look into the matter more. And here is an account which tells a more two-sided version, for sake of balance.

Either way, Hillary DID get this child rapist off with a plea bargain, and it is another very ugly looking side to a very ugly looking dice. I'm sure many of us could not do that, no matter our vocation.

If the "conspiracy" video is accurate, or even close, I really need say no more.

What a choice. Can the rest of the world not elect Bernie Sanders??

(All opinions my own.)

Image via Wikipedia Creative Commons.

Monday, 1 August 2016


A nation of people that once prided themselves as "rulers of the waves" now sit scratching their heads - utterly confused by the sight of ships floating on water.

The British Royal Navy had merely stopped for a collective day-out on Portsmouth Pier, to sample the local cuisine and attend a biannual convention on dogging etiquette. After taking the time to compliment local residents for their alcoholism, and their ability to breathe underwater via genetically evolved gills, servicemen and women returned only a few hours later to find the entire nation losing their minds.

Local "hoodie" Steve, was literally confounded:

When I gets in the bath yeah, I sink to the bottom, innit? It's like science and sh*t. But these mahoosive floating things, they didn't sink. It was f**kin' freaky mate.

Other passers-by stood glued to the spot, transfixed by the sight of the boats bobbing around in the water.

19 year old mother of three, Sally commented:
It's flamin' witchcraft I tell ya, like somethin' out of a film.
Those across Britain who understood "it's just what ships do", were instead utterly petrified by the idea we might not be able to nuke any given country at a moment's notice.

The UK has never reduced another country to cockroaches and sawdust before - but many Brits apparently remain keen to "give it a go".

Simon, an outraged Daily Mail reader, demanded to know of his audience at the local Wetherspoons:
Is this what they call protecting us from ISIS? What about North Korea? This is exactly why I voted for Brexit!
Militant right-wing warmongers were pleased to know, Britain resumed its position threatening the rest of the world with apocalypse the very next morning.