Saturday, 17 February 2018


Now a 4.2 magnitude earthquake in Britain. Felt from the southwest to the Northwest, and all throughout Wales.

I think it's clearly fair to say, as far as omens and their timings are concerned, things ain't looking so hot right now for Britain. In fact, I don't think the universe could honestly be giving us more of a wake-up call, if the sky was literally on fire with the four horseman of the apocalypse pegging across it in a transit van. Or if the sky was raining a pick'n'mix of locusts, cats, and Celebrity Love Island contestants.

I don't generally believe in that kind of crap, but honestly... you couldn't write this stuff.

In fact, perhaps the poster for Brexit should just be a picture of the British Isles going up in flames under a mushroom cloud. But at that precise moment when all flesh has been ripped from our bones: and we're standing there momentarily looking like Skeletor, before milliseconds later being reduced to ash.

And would you also look at that.

This, only a few months after the Tory government allowed fracking to begin across the UK. 

Strangely enough, I can't find much online to determine whether fracking has actually begun in the UK, but there are plenty of articles stating "fracking due to begin within weeks" dated from October of last year, and other pieces such as an article for The Guardian with this headline:

Weeks later, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake. Maybe coincidence? Maybe not. Earthquakes have occurred in the British Isles historically, to be fair.

But you know what? I sure as hell don't want to find out. We're not some massive sprawling land mass/continent with vast uninhabited areas, we're a fragile little island floating off the north coast of Europe. (A detail of relevance in various other circumstances too.)

Ergo if greedy rich bastards who care nothing for anyone or anything other than their profits somehow cave in the very ground beneath our feet, we quite literally have nowhere else to go.

And like everything else... all driven by greed. Shameful.

In the mean time, I suggest we all invest in underground bunkers with Netflix and Wifi.

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