Wednesday, 21 February 2018


My God, there's just no end to the rabbit-hole in sight. These days I have to pinch myself, just to check I'm not imagining the unthinkable things I'm reading and hearing. Though hard to conceive, this catastrophe is actually turning out worse than expected.

I couldn't believe it when Brexiter extremists of this country turned on charities, like Oxfam. The idea that the misdemeanours of employed workers should somehow eradicate the purpose and nobility of a worldwide charity, to me, is just nuts. (But then again, they are.) Can we assume other multi-national corporations and organisations are therefore squeaky-clean, employing only Godly and moral people who never do anything wrong? Like hell we can. Let's be honest, it's really just another excuse not to give anything to those 'orrible brown and black skinned people from other countries, albeit under the guise of supposed moral superiority.

Bad enough, but this morning I saw Katie Nutkins and her assorted right-wing cronies now unbelievably attacking the school kids who only narrowly managed to avoid getting shot a few days ago in Florida. All because they're daring to challenge President Frump and the NRA. Even for her, that's a new low. On some level, the woman genuinely amazes me. There seems absolutely no end to the malice and venom seeping out of her every pore: she's a walking summary of every negative, selfish, insular and vapid trait our society has embraced. I hope one day they stuff her and put her in a museum. 

But more than anything, I genuinely cannot believe the discussions now occurring regarding Northern Ireland. That abhorrent, deplorable, downright evil politicians like Nigel Farage, Daniel Hannan and Kate Hoey etc are now gunning for the Good Friday Agreement - something that brought peace and harmony after generations of violence - simply because it stands in the way of their nationalist coup. An agreement that was treasured and valued by millions, an agreement that saved lives, with not a bad word said about it until now. An agreement the Brextremists mocked us for being concerned about when this nonsense started, along with many other issues. (At one time, we were mocked for suggesting Brexit would mean abandoning the EU single market. Ahem... Daniel Hannan.)

But now, according to Fuhrage, the Northern Ireland peace process is “utterly loathsome.

The IRA bombing of Omagh Town centre only twenty years ago, in 1998.

There is quite literally nothing and no-one these politicians won't sacrifice, blame, or put on the line to ensure their elitist and feudal overlordship of Britain continues. For those of us who lived through the years of violence, when Northern Ireland was considered pretty much a war-zone and no-go area, the idea that anyone would risk flaring all that up again is just unconscionable. Beyond the f**king pail. (And if my deliberate use of an expletive offends you dear reader, but the potential breakdown of peace in Ireland doesn't, you too are arguably a complete **** with very warped priorities.)

I really do want to know now, just exactly what will it take to persuade Brexit supporters that the whole thing was a terrible idea? Categorical evidence of lies? Paper trails of financial interests? (Because newsflash, we already have those.) A complete economic breakdown, comparable to the Great Depression? Anarchy and violence? A break down of government? Erosion of civil liberties? Food shortages? Lynch-mobs? A war?

I’d of course argue we shouldn’t allow even the tiniest possibility of such things becoming plausible, but regardless of my pesky sensibilities, what would it genuinely take for Brexiters to hold their hands up and say: "you know what, Britain was more prosperous and safer as part of a united European community"?

Answers on the back of a post-card.

Or perhaps, as I fear, there’s literally nothing. That in fact, our country has become an island of fantasists and fanatics who ardently desire conflict. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly when it happened, when that balance of sanity shifted, but the proof is really in the pudding.

Nothing could sum it all up better than the words of our very own minister for Brexit, David Davis. Even if you take the incompetent/bumbling man at his word (not something generally advisable with politicians), when he glibly crows: “it won’t end in a Mad Max-style dystopia”, that hardly sells it?!? Not when this nonsense was sold as good for Britain?!?

Also not to mention, it would probably be more like Blade Runner. The weather and all.

One can’t help but feel expectations have been lowered somewhat. And that perhaps if that had been the slogan on the Brexit bus, maybe this country wouldn’t have shoved a loaded gun in its mouth.

For me personally, risking the security and peace of our brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland is a step too far. In the name of God, someone stop this madness... please.

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