Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Residents captured the collapse of this 300 year old bridge in Tadcaster, Yorkshire.

Sometimes it gets quite tedious, continually criticising this Tory government. It would be nice to occasionally feel compelled to write about something cheerier, or to be able to say they've done something positive for the country.

Trouble is, time and time again they simply do the unthinkable.

Already battered by Storm Desmond earlier this month, the UK is currently facing unprecedented flood damage - yet more evidence climate change is going to be one of the greatest threats facing our world in forthcoming generations.

Many have been quick to point out that despite growing awareness of that global threat, Darth Osborne hacked away at the budget for UK flood defences just like he did everything else protecting normal, everyday citizens.

The Environmental Agency in Nottingham apparently even rejected offers of free flood defences from a local firm when the level of danger became evident. No doubt concerns of "red tape" were prioritised above peoples' desire to save their homes:

Even I'd find it a bit of a push to blame Tories for bad weather - though in fairness, some of them are probably still blaming gay marriage (and no doubt Jeremy Corbyn too). However, it undeniably IS their arrogant/elitist insistence on inflicting "austerity" that's directly responsible for the level of damage and destruction caused here - you get what you pay for.

That by itself should be a wake-up call, or at least give pause for consideration. Maybe (God forbid) an apology, or a promise from the government to help any way they can?

Nope. To add insult to injury, Osborne now refuses to waive VAT charges on flood repairs.

Instead of providing a much needed tax break that would at least slightly ease the burden on affected residents and businesses, this greedy Tory government licks its lips - salivating at the prospect of expected £150million profits off the back of disaster and misery.

On top of that, they've slashed investment in renewable energy sources, dragged us into another war in the never-ending quest for middle eastern oil, and also just green-lit controversial and potentially dangerous fracking initiatives across the UK - despite all the promises, all the widespread opposition. They quite literally don't give a damn.

I honestly don't know how we can tolerate this. It begs belief.

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