Thursday, 3 December 2015


Even the naysayers and mainstream media sheep might find this one a little awkward to explain. And for those whose suspicions have been raised... prepare to feel a little more convinced.

As usual, having been made to feel like some kind of fruit-loop for questioning official versions, I've been scouring the internet for videos and independent news reports from sources even the most bullish right-winger would have difficulty in dismissing.

This is an interview with Sam Ramidani, who is not only a refugee from Saddam's regime in Iraq (with first-hand experience of the regional politics), but is/was also a senior lecturer at London's Metropolitan University. He is an educated, rational & intelligent man, and I guarantee he knows a LOT more about this than the average person sitting at home in front of Sky news.

This footage was posted three years ago.


Watch it and tell me everything has not panned out EXACTLY how he feared it would: from the specifics of Russian involvement as consequence to encirclement, western/NATO interjection in Syria, the role of austerity and economic depression, and what would happen if it began to look like the USA could not control Syria.

If you don't watch the whole thing (though I would recommend to, for fuller understanding), watch 11:24—14:42.

Western trained Arab speaking troops posing as Syrian fighters, specifically provided with high-tech weaponry. "Blackwater". Very disturbing stuff that fits a quite convincing narrative.

More chilling than anything is a prediction that if the U.S are unable to remove a Russian sympathising regime from Syria due to Russian military intervention (as has now occurred), the U.S would pursue the utter destruction of Syria - preferring to leave it in ruins than allied and resourceful to "the great enemy".

Three years ago.

It's funny how often the chain of events turn out exactly as the "conspiracy theorists" predict, isn't it?

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