Saturday, 14 April 2018


Theresa May, looking as happy & relaxed as she's been since she came to office.

You wicked, evil woman. How dare you do this.

The most greedy and corrupt government/Prime Minister in UK history: a government with no majority, propped up by bribery and illegal over-spending, now side-stepping our constitution to act unlawfully, again, and risking WWIII. Hand in hand with the most dangerous and insentient lunatic to occupy the White House, ever.

It didn't even occur to Theresa May to ask the British people and parliament. No, she turned to Donald Trump. (A sentence that if you'd uttered aloud even a couple of years ago, would probably have got you sectioned.)

Democracy is officially dead folks. It ain't even a Plutocracy so much any more, as much as a straight up dictatorship.

God damn you Theresa, and your whole cabal. And God damn every naive, blind fool who believes for a minute that Donald J. Trump and his vassals give the least of shits about kids attacked with chemical weapons. Their allies in Saudi Arabia do just as bad and worse, all the time. You've got their best bud Duterte in the Philippines, openly using police as assassination squads. You've got atrocities like this going on routinely in Africa, and in Yemen, genocides and mass rapes, and the West doesn't so much as blink. They're in Syria for profit and geopolitical manoeuvring, that is all, and they've been planning it for a long time.

Even if you know nothing else of the situation, the proxy wars, or the murky background of the UK funded 'White Helmets' - those angels of mercy who show up every time there's an atrocity with video cameras rolling... the same White Helmets who've literally been filmed rehearsing and staging similar 'attacks'.

Even if you didn't know that academics and anti-war campaigners have literally been warning and predicting exactly this would happen, down to the letter. How exactly does that happen by the way?


This one, from academic and former resident of Iraq, Sam Ramidani, is even older... from 2012:

Even if you weren't alive/aware when this happened before with Iraq, almost identically:

Even if you don't know any of the back-story and history, one only needs to look at everything that's happened in the past two years: the UK and US governments unravelling, the catastrophe of Brexit, the constant slew of bullshit from 'MSM' reporting, unrivalled lies and corruption, the much overlooked detail of Trump naming Jerusalem capital of Israel, the antisemitism rubbish, the crackpot stories about assassination attempts that are full of holes and make no pragmatic sense, Tories categorically lying about evidence (no doubt a soon to be forgotten detail), and now convenient chemical weapon attacks that reopen a war Russia and Syria had only recently won.

Or even just the fact official investigators had not even yet got in to Douma to clarify the evidence, and were due to in only a few day's time. And honestly? You'd have to be a straight up idiot to not smell a rat, or question what we're being told. I'm sorry, I don't care who that offends.

How do you distract an entire country, and blind them to all the other crap you're doing and messing up behind the scenes? How do you dilute growing public dissent and discourse? How do you make a populace fearful and in need of 'authoritative' government? You start a war. A political ruse as old as civilisation itself.

Our media manages to convince half the people of this country that Jeremy Corbyn, the most ethical man in UK politics, is a communist spy/traitor/antisemite, a threat to democracy/misogynist/dictator etc. That's a guy who's literally in our faces and on our screens all the time, who everybody knows, who always behaves decently and is 100% reasonable. Yet STILL he is misquoted and demonised to suit right wing agenda - to the point of it being ridiculous. They spin bullshit out of thin air.

Yes, well now imagine how much easier it is to do with a leader half a continent away, in a controlled media environment and war-torn country, who speaks a different language and nobody in Britain knows, when the British people don't get to hear their account of things. It would be a whitewash.

One last interesting aspect to this is, as usual, it will mostly divide the political left and centre. The right: the supporters of May and Trump? They love a war with anyone, and will march blindly behind them into oblivion. But the left and centre is where 'moral outrage' at the alleged behaviour of Bashar al-Assad will split the chamber entirely. It's after all a natural reaction to be appalled by crimes against humanity: exactly the reason western governments know they're the only thing that'll get us behind war. Some on the left and centre will question these events, others will not, or cannot. In other words, the whole thing will also create a clear divide between those who've finally come to realise our mainstream media cannot be trusted, and those who simply can't let go or accept the notion they would lie to us in such a potentially catastrophic manner.

Divide and conquer: rinse, and repeat.

NB: A final side-note, Russia's the only country I've ever been, and worked in, that I really did not like: it felt a very hostile and cold place, and their hatred of westerners was obvious. (And that was back in 2013.) I am no fan of Russia, or Vladimir Putin. But being able and willing to stand up for those you don't like and/or disagree with, acknowledging when they make a fair point, is what distinguishes ACTUAL truth and justice from mere tribalism.

We will be incredibly lucky if this doesn't spiral out of control. I doubt anyone will be talking about Brexit for a while, mind.


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