Friday, 19 January 2018


So Kim Jong-un wants to build nukes. Donald Trump wants to build a wall. And now Boris wants to build another bridge.

Anyone else think we just need to get these idiots some Lego?

The fact Johnson has ALREADY got a failed bridge project to his name, and in very recent times (the cancelled 'Garden Bridge' project and vast £37m wastage of taxpayer money), just proves the man is a straight-up buffoon who refuses to learn from his mistakes, with zero concern for what people in Britain actually need.

(As if more proof were required.)

It just fries my brain. The country is falling apart, our NHS is crumbling, we have the highest inequality in Europe, a social care crisis, people in work relying on foodbanks, our schools can't afford sodding books, and now Boris f**king Johnson wants to build a new 22 mile bridge across the Channel we don't even need.

Okay Boris. Because we didn't need a bridge (in addition to a tunnel) for all the decades of free-movement between the UK and France. But now that's gonna end, now it's gonna be a right pain in the keester and require border/passport checks for Brits to travel in Europe (and vice versa), yes... obviously an extra bridge will be needed. Just for the sheer volume of Brits rushing across for Euro-breaks; especially with our economy tanking and GBP worth less than toilet paper. Likewise, I'm sure Europeans are just dying to visit Little England in their droves, now they know they're about as welcome as syphilis.

Not to mention, I imagine putting 22 miles of concrete across one of the world's busiest shipping lanes might cause a few issues.

Honestly... what a dick.

These idiot boys with their toys are a liability. Please please can somebody put the adults back in charge now??

It's so hard to accept the state of the world today; it feels like it should all be a very bizarre dream, or some kind of wind-up.

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