Wednesday, 29 November 2017


This recent YouGov poll makes my head hurt.

Yes, it's a common misconception that the Tories are 'fiscally responsible', 'better able to manage the economy' etc, which is just straight up bonkers when you look at the state of our country after seven years of Tory rule. They've increased our national debt by £555bn; they have borrowed more in cash terms than ALL OTHER LABOUR GOVERNMENTS COMBINED IN BRITISH HISTORY.

That is a fact (go on, check... I dare you.)

And yet the nation has still been stripped bare? Over the course of nearly 40 years I've watched my country become a playground for the rich, while everything else around the edges crumbles to dust. This Conservative Party have ravaged the UK with a pitch-fork, and are now - just for good measure - about to push our economy off a cliff and isolate us as a hated island nation: a population of feudal subjects who literally cannot escape, and/or seek justice from a European court. And all so the balance of capitalist power does not shift in Britain, so the Conservatives and their mates can remain gorged fat-cats.

Who feeds this idea that 'managing the economy' means prioritising money and 'fiscal savings' over citizens and living standards? The idea they're somehow mutually exclusive? The very same people with all the bloody money! Anyone who doesn't 'get' that or want to see the connection, is either part of the problem, burying their head in the sand, or entirely brainwashed. It really is as simple as that. It's a question of priorities.

In other words, this myth of Tory 'fiscal responsibility' is a complete and utter smokescreen; so fragile, you can literally waft it apart with your pinky. (Eg: even very loose facts and figures.)

To quote Joseph Goebbels:

"If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth."

The typical Tory response of course, is to blame former New Labour governments. Conveniently forgetting they were just 'Red Tories' in disguise, who Margaret Thatcher even openly crowed as 'her greatest achievement'.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce

I very much doubt I shall ever be someone to head up a workforce, be responsible for other people's livelihoods, or be in a position to dictate political agenda. But I do know if I was, I would recognise that a happy/mentally healthy workforce (or populace) who are fairly rewarded and feel valued are going to be far FAR more productive, loyal and enthusiastic than vice versa. It's nigh time people in this country start to recognise that - and truly believe it. To realise they are entitled to more than a burdened existence, 'just getting by', begging for scraps from greedy overlords who have more than most of us would ever know if we lived a hundred lifetimes. Stop being distracted by bullsh*t like Royal Weddings, the cost of which would probably house, clothe, feed and educate thousands of children worldwide. Which is just sick, if you think about it. They literally rub it in our faces.

The exorbitantly wealthy are only rich because of the societies and 'customers' who made them rich. It's time for them to give something back; to stop hoarding it. The industrial advances of humankind should serve us all - the entire human race - not just the fat-cats who own all the businesses, the robots and automated factories. So if there are no longer enough jobs as a result, it's time ALL of us started to share in the profits via universal basic income. Especially those who need it most.

Instead of demonising socialist principles, I think the rich (and sadly befuddled, eg: people whom socialism would actively serve, but they hate it any way) really need to get their heads round the fact, capitalism is failing. We can see it all around us. It's had its day, and is no longer physically equipped to deal with the size of 21st century populations. We simply have to find another way.

This circus can only go on so long, before a reckoning will come. How that takes shape will entirely define our future as a species, I truly believe that.

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