Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Our Prime Minister is more akin to a Bond villain, cackling as he condemns thousands to poverty and death.

I absolutely despair.

It genuinely upsets me to see those supposedly leading us and acting on our behalf behaving like little more than boorish teenagers: the House of Commons has just become a glorified sixth form common room. (I've used that analogy before, but feel it is particularly apt.) John Bercow has earned his salary more in the past six months than perhaps ever before, trying to control this pack of jeering buffoons.

Our Prime Minister may be utterly deluded, but he is a fine orator. He also has the inane ability to stand there and tell point-blank lies with unwavering gusto. As much as I'm a Corbyn supporter and believe we desperately need his straightforward politics in the UK today (most certainly since UK politics went from being a heavily rigged three-horse-race to one horse and a few crippled donkeys), he is a poor speaker: no two ways about it. It worries me. Cameron consistently runs rings round him - even if it is all just nonsense, like a petulant child parroting or reversing every instruction given to them. To the eyes and ears of a spoon-fed Joe public, a confident lie is more effectual and memorable than a half-hearted truth, and as much as I'm sure Corbyn would find the idea loathsome, he really does need some professional coaching and/or rehearsal.

Stop reading memos and bits of paper Jeremy! Face the beast, look him in the eyes! Tell him (and the world) straight to his snivelling puffy face what a liar he is; that he is a corrupt, profiteering angel of death, and has wrought misery upon thousands of people both at home and abroad. Tell him he is little better than a murderer and a tyrant, and no number of lies, false statements, or jeers from his mates will change that fact. Put some fire in your belly man! A hammer doesn't do the job if no force is applied.

You need to grip this over-confident bull firmly by the horns, and drag him down to the ground Jeremy. Do not let go, Do NOT move on to the next question when he clearly hasn't answered the last one. It just comes across as defeat - admitting you don't actually have the authority to hold this Prime Minister to account.

You do Jeremy. YOU MUST.

Rehearse it and put it in less subversive terminology if needs be, but you must start engaging these self-righteous dinosaurs with some competent, passionate rhetoric Jeremy - and at least a smidgen of the same anger your supporters feel.

I for one, would love a shot at him.

UPDATE (14/01/16)
One very sensible response I've received from a few people is it would be wrong for Corbyn to compromise his values or who he is; that he should not "lower himself to the level of the Tories" and not engage in the sort of rhetoric much of the country have come to despise. It's a fair point.

However, I do believe they are confusing the Etonian traditions of waffle and avoiding the questions/telling lies/creating spin (the real cancer of politics) with verbal ability and/or engaging with those you're speaking to. Looking into someone's eyes when you talk is very powerful, as is the ability to speak from the heart without relying on information on a screen or memo. Winston Churchill was a great and effectual leader not only because he was a man of principle, but because he was able to rouse the souls of men and women to oppose tyranny. He connected with them, and he did so through the power of words.

That should not be underestimated, or confused for talking bulls**t.

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