Tuesday, 12 April 2016



Dennis Skinner, you are an absolute hero.

I was genuinely moved to see this: an old man from the generation that saved this country from fascism, defying the angry fools and bullies chanting around him; risking his own career and defying a tyrant, all in the name of justice. I cannot applaud the man enough. What courage and conviction, how amazing.

Compare that to the snivelling subterfuge of our Prime Minister. (I certainly know which of them I believe the more decent, honourable man.)

I'd also like to point out the absolute vomit-stained hypocrisy of Skinner's ejection. John Bercow has sat back for almost a year, allowing the Tories to behave like jeering idiots: rambling on with their filibusters, shouting down and insulting those who would challenge them (most notably Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP), belittling them, and behaving in a way inconceivably inappropriate and unfit for leadership of this nation. But one seasoned politician dares to speak his mind (in his allotted speaking time), and he is literally thrown out of the House of Commons - for no more than use of a word that is neither particularly offensive, or in any way obscene.

Now that IS obscene.

Apparently it's ok for our PM to label an entire political party as "terrorist sympathisers" though. It's ok for guffawing Tories to shout over the leader of the opposition, constantly interrupt him, making jibes such as "who are you?", "wear a tie" etc; it's also alright for John Bercow to actively belittle and insult a junior minister (as he does in this clip around 1:06), implying no less vitriolic a slur than Dennis Skinner has just been reprimanded for?!? It's utterly preposterous, and hypocritical to outlandish proportions.


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