Monday, 18 April 2016


A lot of people are slagging off Axl Rose: joking his voice is in no way good enough to be performing with Guns N'Roses these days, let alone fronting AC/DC as well.

Please guys, don't condemn an aging rock singer for having a lesser vocal range than he used to, bad dress sense, a "dad bod", and an increasing propensity for personal injury.

Ahem. Just a thought.

If anything, take the piss for the fact:
1) he's a colossal bell-end, and split up a great band that should've had countless more albums over the past twenty years, and
2) he wasn't the greatest singer in the first place - just distinctive. Much as a chainsaw slicing through a live goat sounds distinctive.

I do frickin' love G'N'R though.

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