Thursday, 11 February 2016


About as symbolic an image as you'll find

Within the last month, this government have (again) made even the machinations of Margaret Thatcher seem tame - and this week, the Tories have firmly put an end to any notion of democracy in this country whatsoever.

Fracking is going full-steam ahead. These monsters are very literally risking the ground we walk upon and the water we drink, just to make themselves richer. Meanwhile, they've also just quietly removed the universal right of infants to receive free daily meals at school, having already glossed over the fact that the poor and disabled in this country are now likely to just wither and die. Just as they're simultaneously selling off state assets to their mates, and allowing banks and companies like Google massive tax breaks. It's grotesque.

However in the last 24hrs, Jeremy Hunt has essentially admitted this government will not bow to democracy - they will force doctors to adhere to conditions the entire profession has unilaterally rejected. WE HAVE NO RIGHTS, ANY OF US: NOT IN THE MINDS OF THESE PEOPLE. This is the bell tolling for our NHS, make no mistake. It will now crumble, and privatisation will be construed as the only remedy - which is of course what they wanted all along.

If this government are not removed from power at the earliest opportunity, our children's children will inhabit a corporate-run police state, with no voice, no guaranteed human rights and no prospects. They will simply be mice on a wheel (even more so than we already are).

I so wish people in this country would take stock of what is happening. Sometimes I want to run down the street screaming it at the top of my lungs... sadly I'm not convinced it would help much.

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