Wednesday, 2 December 2015


The day after the Paris atrocities, I wrote an article discussing my suspicions and discomfort regarding the timing and version of events, that to my surprise, was quite well received by some on social media.

Now a few weeks on, even my amateurish insight and forecast on what would soon occur seems to have been "bang on the money". A terrorist attack, and a proposed war a matter of days/weeks later... where have we seen this before? Erm, just about every time a western nation wants to go to war or quell dissent, but first requires the outrage and ethical justification of their "liberal and free" populations.

I'm sorry to any who the notion might offend, but regardless of "conspiracy theories" or their validity, anyone who truly believes the UK's proposed interjection in Syria has anything to do with human rights, right & wrong, or the safety of UK citizens etc is little more than entirely (mainstream media) indoctrinated.

Everything they think and rationalise is based upon deliberate right wing propaganda (more effectual and prevalent perhaps than even the Nazis managed), and the exact desired effect is normal people who conceive themselves to be educated/moral/upstanding etc get on board with simply ludicrous assertions. Just like the Germans did in the 30's. Assertions that don't even make any sense. There is more than enough proof ISIS are/were a western funded group used for war by proxy, just like Bin Laden and Al Qaeda before them. Before any of this recent s**t-storm, Barack Obama even made a scarcely-reported slip up in a speech to congress when he clearly stated ISIS troops were being coordinated alongside U.S forces (I actually posted it). There are countless items of evidence out there in black & white that demonstrate the paper trail linking the military industrial complex and our western governments/media, but average people just won't see or acknowledge it. They simply can't fathom the enormity of such geopolitical subterfuge.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off was to convince the world he didn't exist". 
I'm not religious, but it seems an appropriate simile.

Sometimes people need to simplify things, not get bogged down in deliberately complicated political/propagandist rhetoric. Look at the bigger picture. If you build bombs and weapons of mass destruction, you need them to get used so taxpayers have to keep funding them - otherwise eventually they will be seen as redundant, and a vast waste of money. People will instead demand they have things like ample schools, hospitals, and public services.

So what do you do?

  1. You establish fiscal links and control over the media: TV channels, news, radio, newspapers, celebrity culture - you control the taxpayer's perspective.
  2. You establish control and grant vested financial interest to those in the established political ruling class: fund their political campaigns, give them the backing it requires to get them into office, effectively put them in your pocket. (Somebody like Jeremy Corbyn, who can't be bullied or placed in the pocket of big-business, consequently becomes public enemy number, whom they must ALL discredit and deprecate at all costs.)
  3. You take control of energy: the ability for people to live their lives, feed their families, heat their homes, travel etc. You create an everlasting demand for a depleting and monopolised resource, terrify them with the prospect of losing it (instead of developing renewable supplies), and you gain control over all their vital amenities.
  4. Finally, you place your umbrella over the one thing linking them all together: the banks, the manufacturing and financial institutions - the new ruling class who can consequently get away with all manner of failure and/or abuse without fear of reprisal. (Not satisfied with that, you then propose something called TTIP which effectively puts your underlings outside the jurisdiction of law.)

With all the pieces in place, what the bomb-makers have is a license to effectively dictate policy, and demand their media mogul & political subjugates create an endless back-story. They make their plans, and fit/manoeuvre global events to their narrative: one that normal everyday people can palate. They are free to target any relatively unknown and misunderstood region of geopolitical value with natural resources and financial incentive that the populous have, rightly or wrongly, been led to believe is an elusive "enemy". Why is it the UK didn't drop bombs on Ireland when it faced severe threat from the IRA? It didn't fit this modern narrative of undefined "war on terror" - which is a bit like declaring a "war on mild disappointment", and equally as ridiculous a notion. It's a license to bomb, a license to remove dissent, and a license to restrict civil liberty.

Beyond all the other bulls**t, it really is as simple as that. And if you think I'm some crazy man; if you doubt or deny the validity of these absolutely critical and most telling links between high-ranking industrial and governing institutions, get on your laptop and do some research, I dare you.

In fact, I double dare you.

If you see all these pieces of the puzzle fitting together so neatly and still think it's all just "coincidence", you my undisclosed friend, are arguably a moron.

This cycle will never change until people wake the hell up. The people of Syria are not our enemy, ISIS is the enemy, and you don't use a bazooka to kill a rat in someone's kitchen. If you do, it's because you have a vested interest in rebuilding their house.


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